Various Assets

Design of various assets for Spiritland; flyers to animations. Concepting for the social media campaign. Solo in house designer of the brand.

Made at Spiritland, identity: Pentagram

BodyMedia II
Power Station of Arts
(PSA) 2017

Catalogue design for the exhibition Body Media II, an interactive exhibition taking place in China which rediscusses the close ties between new medias and the human body.

Made in a design team @thonik

Nothing but Clouds
Silkscreen printed paperback
22.6 cm x 34 cm

Design and concept of the book, showcasing the photography of Kristina Jurotschkin. Inspired by Tarkovsky’s 1986 film Solaris, the book is a possible archive of our future.

Published by MACK, London
Kristina Jurotschkin and Sara Arzu
Publication date: November 2017

Aus Licht
The National Opera, Holland Festival
and the Dutch Royal Consevatory

Campaign, design and concept of Aus Licht, an opera festival which will take place in 2019. It is a selection from LICHT by Karlheinz Stockhausen that will be spread over three days.

Made in a design team @thonik

Bâtarde Font

Design and conception of a round and bold display font, inspired by the first Futura versions. Soon to be downloaded.

Self Initiated

Sensory Spaces 11
Boijmans Museum
Rotterdam 2017

Visual campaign of printed matters and web flyer for "Sensory Spaces 11", an exhibition showcasing Raphael Hefti's work, in the Rotterdam contemporary museum.

Made in a design team @thonik


Co-founder and co-designer of Ed&Cie, an independent book-fair honoring self publishing. It's also a moving library that travels between Galleries and various shops.

With Marie Nepper, Lucie Schwob and Gwenaelle Giaccometto.

Maakplaats 021
OBA (Amsterdam Public Library)
Amsterdam 2017

Visual campaign and type design for kids workshops organised by the Amsterdam Public Library and by Maakplaats 021. The font is currently in use on their commercial and identity materials.

Made in a design team @thonik

Babble Font

This typeface is a solution for 'babble' and helps visualise the sound accented letters define. It is an experimental attempt on deducing how the words with accented letters should be pronounced and gives a sense of 'tone' to words.

Self Initiated

Manifesta 11
Manifesta, 2017

Design of the Report for the Manifesta 11, the European Biennal of Contemporary Arts that takes place in Zurich.

Made in a design team @thonik

The Hot List

Design and concept of The Hot List, which put in correlation the world of advertising and pornography.

Self Initiated

Incidentally they're all gone
Amsterdam 2016

The tapestries are an attempt to preserve traces of our digital tradition and save that part of history that went missing in the fast evolution of the Internet.

Self Initiated